Perp Bapy

Persons Experiencing Relaxation, Peace
Breathing and Pulse Yoked

Perp-bapy Program is a Personal Positive Enabler that empowers you for everything through pulse and breath awareness and mindfulness. Counting your own pulse as you breathe; Changes Everything: your home life, school, college, work place, sports, recreation and so on.

Take ‘Perp Breaks’ & Take control of your life.
‘Perp Breaks can be as short as one minute!

Perp-bapy is for:

  1. Everyone: rejuvenates your health, performance and well being. All day long you keep taking  ‘PERP Breaks’.
  2. Corporations: Perp-bapy rejuvenate the management and the work force.  With PERP breaks (as short as one minute) the work force is recharged and their work becomes a pleasure!
  3. Health Care: Perp breaks rejuvenates both the health professionals as well as the patients, friends and relatives! Creates optimal healing from inside out helps to heal yourself.
  4. All sports and recreation: Perp breaks helps to relax and improve performance of the players, coaches, trainers.  Even fans can take Perp breaks and relax to enjoy the game more.
  5. All waiting anywhere, any length of time, Doctor and Dentist Office, Airports and  so on,  one can take Perp breaks over and over again to feel less tense and more relaxed.
  6. Long and monotonous human activities,  like that of airline pilots, driving and so on, one can take Perp breaks to break the monotony and boredom and can bring alertness and focused awareness at all times.
  7. In short any human activities that need a calm, collected, focused and relaxed mindfulness-: Perp-bapy program is the answer.

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