Novel Complementary and Alternative Mindfulness Based Intervention: Therapeutic Approach to Manage Substance Use Disorders and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
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Kabaddi Instant Yoga – Anywhere Anytime

Is Inclusive Yoga.


Kabaddi is an Indian sports where you do your sport activity in 1 Breath.

Yoga in Sanskrit means, united, union, oneness.


In Kabaddi Yoga we unite 4 events, the acronym is MBBS.

M: a. Move your nose clockwise and counterclockwise on a virtual clock face.

  1. Move your chin as a pendulum from right shoulder to left shoulder and back

B: Breathe. Breathe out, ‘Smiling, speaking, positive, pleasant script’

Breathe in with a facial expression of ‘awe and wonder’ and yawning with mouth closed musing and meditating what was just spoken.

B: Bless. Your speaking as you breathe out, the script will always be positive, pleasant, and pleasure producing.

S: Smile as you Speak.

How is Kabaddi Instant Yoga is different from Classical Indian Yoga?

1.In Classical Indian Yoga, the emphasis is on posture, most of them unnatural, for extended periods of time and the breathing tend to be unnatural. Classical Yoga is static and many posture not useful in daily lives. The 37 or more Postures or Asanas take up to 45 minutes. Kabaddi Instant Yoga- Anywhere Anytime, can be done in 2 breaths and less than 12 seconds with no mats or special place or time.

  1. In Classical Indian Yoga, names of Hindu Gods are evoked which draws criticism from those who do not follow Hinduism.

Kabaddi Instant Yoga is ALL INCLUSIVE. Those who are faith oriented, the blessing or speaking is done evoking the God of their Faith. Atheists or Agnostics will use simple positive words such as ‘Cool, calm, relaxed, now’ and so on.

The suggested script for different world religions can be:

Christians: Lord Jesus, Our Father, Catholics: Hail Mary (added)

Hindus: Om Shanthi, Hey Ram, Hare Krishna,  and so on.

Muslims: Allah Akbar, Isha Allaha and so on.

Sikhs: Wahi Guru, Sat Shree Akal and so on.

Thus Kabaddi Instant Yoga is All Inclusive and can be practiced by every person with every faith as well as atheists and agnostics.

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