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The teenage girls of India, could change the health scenario of India inspired by the 5 teens who are changing the world: Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousofzai, Emma Gonsalez, Jack Andratoa and Amika George(BBC)


The CNN4ALL  Office, Labs, and residence are located at 2610 E Flordia Ave, Urbana, Illinois the home belonging to Dr. Alina Paul MD. This is rent-free and utilities, etc are paid by Dr. Alina Paul, with the blessings of her husband Dr. Satnam Paul MD. 
Printing of the 2 books and 3 trips to India to promote the books was about $20,000 and was largely financed by ourselves.

We also acknowledge the financial input from time to time by Alvin Zachariah MD in San Francisco and Ajay Zachariah in Seattle, WA. 

We acknowledge with gratitude a very large sum given by Dr. Thomas  Varghese MD and Dr. Annie Verghese MD, of Abu Dubai to meet the final prining of the books in 2017.

We acknowledge with gratitude all the 3  board members of CNN4ALL whose encouragement and guidance the CNN4ALL could not have come so far. Rev. Phil Jackson, Chaplain of OSF Danville, IL, Mr. Dave Swartzendruber of Champaign, Illinois, and Mr. Lalu P Joseph who is the Secretary/Treasurer of CNN4ALL. Mr. Lalu P Jospeh accompanied ARZ on many promotional presentations in several states of the USA in the last 5 years. 

Acknowledge with gratitude Mr. Ponnachan Poikayil of New York, USA, for all his timely help, encouragement, and advice from time to time.  Ponnachan is the nephew of Mr. Lalu P Joseph, the Secretary/Treasurer of cnn4all. 

Trinity Web Design and Mr. Matt Crider have been a wonderful help and guidance in hosting and managing the website.