Let’s Move Mindfully

Physical activity is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. In combination with healthy eating, more physical activity can help prevent a range of chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and stroke, which are the three leading causes of death. Physical activity can help improve brain functions, control weight, build lean muscle, reduce fat, and promote strong bone, muscle, and joint development.

Let’s Move Mindfully: Intentional Slower Breathing fo Activities of Daily Living aims to turn every moment of our waking hours into a movement, however small it may be. It is a paradigm shift in our daily lives to focus on incorporating movement into daily life, instead of making people set aside time. This alternative self-directed manual is a positive plan to enhance the activities of daily living, ADL, into enjoyable movements, complemented by melodic whistling, humming, or singing.

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My greatest inspiration and challenge is from our three beautiful and gifted granddaughters, Kristen, Syndey, and Sanjana. Sanjana’s flexibility and balance in doing her gymnastic movements is full of grace and beauty. Kristen and Sydney’s stunning dance sequence show all the ways by which we can all be challenged to do all our activities of daily living (ADL) into Choreographed Activities of Daily Living (C-ADL).

Picture: (left to right)
Kristen, Sydney & Sanjana

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