Medical Miracle Man

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Medical Miracle Man

Scott Christenson: Black Belt Karate, Avid Skier, Certified Scuba Diver, Swimmer, Pilot and Artistic Photographer.[spacer]


Dr. Alex Zechariah and Scott Christenson
photographed 2 hours following Scott’s kidney
cancer surgery

Scott Christenson stood for the first time within 2 hours of kidney cancer surgery and began practicing the Balance One Leg Trial (BOLT). He is standing on his right leg, which has a knee replacement. Scott Christenson practices the programs featured in Let’s Move Mindfully and Let’s Breathe Mindfully. He attributes his current positive life energy to the programs developed by Dr. Alex Zachariah.

Improve Your Balance – Prevent Falls
Benefit from Dr. Alex Zachariah’s programs described in Let’s Move Mindfully and Let’s Breathe Mindfully. Learn the benefits of intentional slower breathing for your activities of daily living.

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Whole Life Health

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