CNN4All – Certification Program

After 90 days of online training on topics from “Let’s Move Mindfully” and “Let’s Breathe Mindfully” you will be prepared to pass the online questionaire and meet the requirements for certification. After becoming certified, you will be certified as an “instructor in Alternative and Complementary Wellness and Health Issues”. You will be eligible and franchised to start your own CNN4ALL Certification on Alternative and Complementary Wellness and Health in your area.


Become a Compassion Now Network for All (CNN4ALL) certified instructor in 90 days using our interactive online program:

1. BOLT-EC-FACT* Program
2. Let’s Move Mindfully
3. Let’s Breathe Mindfully
4. Let’s Think—Feel Mindfully

Balance on leg trials – Eyes closed – Fitness assesment chair test

To start certification please contact
FaceTime: 217 840 0206
Skype: rhema1939